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Suspension and control arm bushings are one of the most important components that determine how your car will handle. If your bushings are worn or deteriorated you may notice several undesirable characteristics. Excessive vibration, clunking noises and overall poor and imprecise steering are the most common side effects of a worn bushing. It goes without saying that if your car's steering is compromised safety will also be a concern.


Worn bushing compared to a new polyurethane bushingReplacing suspension and control arm bushings not only keeps your vehicle handling properly they can also provide some performance gains. By upgrading to a harder polyurethane bushing over a rubber bushing, you will stiffen the suspension. Therefore increasing your cornering capabilities and overall stability. Braking and stopping distance will also increase as there is less movement in the suspension system. Overall, a harder bushing will keep the suspension geometry correct and help insure maximum tire contact on the road.  A polyurethane bushing will also be more durable, withstanding the degradation that comes from high temperatures, road salt, and wear. In race applications the bushing maybe substituted entirely with solid metal components.


If your interest is comfort and a smoother ride, then the better choice is a rubber bushing. The softer material will absorb more of the shock and vibration then its polyurethane counterpart. You'll also get the benefit of a quieter cabin with a OE rubber bushing. Most vehicles are equipped from the factory with these type of bushings.


Energy Suspension is synonymous with aftermarket bushings. Take a look behind the scenes at their plant to see what goes into to make these high quality components.


American Speed Center carry's a full range of suspension parts and bushings for domestic, import and truck performance.  For front and rear control arms, trailing arms, shock mounts, rack and pinion mounts, motor mount inserts, sway bar and end links and transmission mounts we can find the right bushing for your application.





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